In the past 50 years, more than 20 iron mills have been broken. He has chiseled 6000 multi-level stairs with one hand, and no moss will grow on each step, because he will brush them with his hand as long as it rains, so they will not slide And he, too, turned from a young man to an old man with white hair. After being exposed in 2006 and reported by the media, it has aroused strong repercussions across the country. The two old people were rated as the top ten people of the first Chongqing in 2006 and "top ten love stories of China" in the same year. This 6000 level "love ladder" in the deep forest once became the "holy land" for lovers to worship. After the "young man" left in 2007, the "old lady" often looked at the love ladder and was said to be coming back It may be that a long-term partner leads to depression and illness. Five years later, the old lady will go with the young man peacefully. The 6000 level "love ladder" becomes the scale of love chiseled into the mountain. Although both of them died, their love for each other never stopped. This pure and beautiful love finally turned into a "ladder of love" leading to heaven. They said that since Liu Guojiang died in 2007, Xu Chaoqing has been saying that "young man" has worked hard for her all his life and left first. She is very sorry and "young man" has picked her up. "Young man" uses his whole life to build 6000 multi-level stone stairs for love, which is exactly the way to the sky of true love, so there is no trace of material love. Why not make the world envious?